IT Support


I provide IT support, consulting, content creation, graphic designing, photographing, wordpressing, blogging, SEO, and some other related IT filed work (visualization, data processing, programming) etc…

Web Design Service

Do you want a website?  It is exceedingly affordable to make a simple personal or organizational website in the modern Web 2.0~3.0 age using WordPress. Forget about the days where you have to know HTML coding, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc just to have a simple web presence. Now, you can have it in three days (or even less), as long as you have contents ready to put up there.

Free initial project assessment and cost estimation. Special discount for non-profit organization and individual website.
I have my portfolio up so take a look if you are interested in that sort of things.

Project exceeding my scope will be turned down and I will not take project I cannot guarantee client satisfaction. Project specific consulting service for existing website are available as well.

Portfolio, CV, past client testimonial/contact available upon request after your identify has been confirmed. Sorry, too many Nigerian scammers nowadays.

Thanks for reading, really appreciated it.

Web design consultant available for hire.