Site Update Logs

… Where you shall find what I updated everytime…


This is a log used to track the update status of my site in the past while. I might have missed several entries but I tried my best to get everything here.

Personal Site Completion:

Home – 95%
Creations – 80%
Images – 80%
Web Logs – 95%
Contacts – 80%
About – 80%
Site Search – 100%

Studio SIte Completion:

Home – Currently Offline
Site – Currently Offline
Arts – Currently Offline
Services – Currently Offline
Site Search – Currently Offline

November 29 2005
I kinow… I can’t believe it either… 2 Months went by without me updating any bit. I feel bad for this site…T_T I’ll try to update it a bit more during the Christmas after exam period. For now, I’ll just update the critical parts.

September 25 2005
Awesome! I got the ancient audio logs back from my hard drive now. 2004 audio logs online.

September 15 2005
Finally, the search function is fully operational online now! COOL. First time actually learned how to do this lol.

September 13 2005
Posted the actived.dat and posted three new audio logs. I have also constructed a new forum for various purposes. You can access it via New university life has been very interesting and I am quite busy almost everyday. I’ll squeeze some times during the weekend to update this page furthur. Stay tuned.

September 4 2005
Yeah! Another update. Good good. Now, the majority of this site is established online. I’ll focus on refining browser compatibility. Let me know if there are thigns I need to correct okay? I’ll keep up the good work. Also, the weblogs section have been updated and renewed.

September 2 2005
Finally… I started updating the website from home. The whole weblogs section has finally gained some contents from my upgrade… Video log, Audio logs, Journals… all online now.. I’ll just have to remember keep updating that section as I come along… Just being through something rough these days. Still recovering from “fatal” injuries… Expect some update delays from this.

August 26 2005
I got banned from Internet at work and have nothing to do so I am now updating my webpages locally. A great news, everyone! About 90% of all the webpages within this site are now finally online. Good. I also got the logs pages online also. However, no contents so far. It’s a MAJOR update today folks. YEAH! Good, finally this project is coming to an end along with the TPC project.

August 23 2005
Wow… It has been quite a while since I updated this site. I spent a lot of my time reading Wikipedia while completing the TPC project. I now officially deem that as one of the best of project ever accomplished by me. For now, I still can’t reveal what exaclty the project is about but soon… soon… You’ll laugh at me because of the stupidity of the project but nah.. I don’t care. Haha. ^_^ I did a major update today and I really think at this progress, I’ll be able to finish the site in about one week… FINALLY!

August 15 2005
Unbelievable… I haven’t update this site for so long now. It’s like I almost forgot about it because of the other concurrent projects I have. About Me section updated again due to the new incorporation of the Skills section.

August 2 2005
Finally, some updates. I am so lazy these days playing Freespace 2. I just deleted all the games and hopefully this will help me a bit to accelerate the speed of development in this site. Significant Reassessment of the site lead me to believe that I’ll need to include more in the about section, a LOT more. Therefore, that section is sealed off for development in the recent future.

July 28 2005
…sigh. So hard. Lost motivation to update the site these days. T_T. Maybe I should knock a few hole in the wall with my head to remind me of the initial motivation that I had for this project. It seems I lost most of my motivations these days. So sad.

July 25 2005
At this rate of progression I’d never be able to launch my site… Sooo sad. Just updated the ME table a bit. Added an encrypted section and testing security links at the moment. =_=. If things work out as they should, I’d be able to access most of my important ID files and other critical information online. What a convenience.. but at the price of security. I hope the strong encryption provided in Word will work well.

July 20 2005
Nah… too lazy to update much. Just wrote one page on anime/cartoon. Too busy on MUS site. Expect less frequent update. So lazy now these days. Can’t really touch the creations unless I have all the doc/files required. They are all currently at home in the desktop…: (

July 19 2005
Wow… good news folks. I got the new image galleries online now. However, I am too busy working on MUS site today so I only updated a few links. : ( but… the OMG gallery is DEFINITELY the BEST OF THE BEST… (need some interface improvement though)

July 18 2005
Updated the main index a bit. Changed the layout slightly to balance the “white space”. So far so good. Also uploaded the CAT folder and ready for customer.:) Sharp.. I like my own webpages. lol. Added some other unnecessary fancy mouseover too… The overall structure of the website is almost finalized… (half year already on this stage…hahaha) I’m looking forward to my own completion.

July 15 2005
I made my official WindStalker Logo… it looks pretty damn cool (at least from my perspective). You can view it here. I finally getting close to finish the ME table… It’s taking me forever. I also be able finish the About My Blog section and the About This Site section. I am sorry for the bad links in other section and I hope you don’t mind. Now I finally have the time to fix them up. I didn’t put contents in for some of the sections yet but I am on my way there.. It’s getting more like a complete site now…hehe.

July 14 2005
Cool… I actually did some work at work… WOW… I am amazed. Anyway, for now, I am still pondering about what I should put for the content sections of this web page. It seems the webpages are just growing out of control. I hope I’ll be able to keep up the good work.

July 13 2005
Amazingly enough and as I have suspected, my boss can’t provide me with enough task to keep me busy so that’s why i am back here and updating away… Can’t wait till the final release now…

July 11 2005
Wow. Time certainly flies. Before I know it, it’s already summer.. haha.. another four months without any formal works on this site… It’s sad… Many things have happened and I have suffered a lot but I come through and I expect to share my experience with you guys sometimes when I can put it upon here… Life is all about experience isn’t it?

Mar 16 2005
Yeah! March break… Finally got more time for this site. I can’t believe it. Soon I believe it will be the time for the final release of this site.

Feb 05 2005
Just updated the main interface of the index page.Everything is looking fairly sharp. However, a lot work is ahead…