My Journals

(resctricted access seciton)


Welcome to the journal section! This section has all my achieved journal entries. However the final access is password protected and only less than three people in this world know the access password. Are you one of those three? Hehe… We’ll see.

I’ll update the “actived.dat” file every week. This also serve to be able to help me back up all my journal entries in case of a computer disaster and I didn’t back up in time.

Instruction to access the Journal entries.

  1. Install “ActiveDiary” by downloading the setup.exe and execute it to install it anywhere in your hard drive disk.
  2. Download “activaed.exe” (user account info) and “actived.dat” (encrypted entries) and overwrite the two files with the same names in the directory where you installed “ActiveDiary”
  3. Excute ActiveDiary and enter the correct password to gain access to the diary entry.

Update Log:
Sept 13th 2005 “Actived.dat” updated.
Sept 1st 2005, “Actived.dat” updated.
Aug 22nd 2005, “Actived.dat” updated.