Here contains the third aspect of my creations: Flash production.

I made all these just for the fun of it. I didn’t spend some time in them and many of them are really not quite finished. However, if you want any of these (probably no one would) feel free to download them. However, do remember to tell me what you think of them in my guest book, OK?

(Download will be available soon)

Funny Face. One of my earliest creation. Credated just to practise “tweening” in Flash MX.

LCSS intro. I made this because I was trying to create a intro for my school web page. However, soon I discovered that’s it’s too unbearablely ugly and so I soon discarded it. However, it’s the first time I started to use tweening effectively. After this one, I started to understand the useage of tweening and soon was able to use it well.

Ghost animation. The symbol of LCSS and thought just to just make the fun out of it so I started to to create this fading in animation. From this point on, I am fairly confident with my “tweenign” skills.

London Central Secondary School formal webpage Flash version. This one is my latest creation using Flash MX. It’s one of the best one I had ever created (It’s the best among only 5 creations so, no big deal.) I spent endless hour trying to get this one working out fine. However, from this point on, I have to start using my action script knowledge and I assure you, it’s not something that I am very good at. I started this since April 2003 and now, I am still working on it. It might take a lot while for me to finish this biggie.

This is a birthday present I sent out to a few friends. Really strange but cool

This is a music player designed to play 10 clips.