Creative Writings

The Flying Machine Assignment

This is the first writing assignment I did since I went to the formal Canadian G10 English class. I would definitely remember it forever for how much time I had spent on it. Even though it has the lowest mark I had ever received in this class, I still consider it to be my favorite. The idea behind it is great but it’s just that I think my English level isn’t really high enough to represent it fully and make it great. However, I think you might really hate reading it because of all the grammar, spelling error I made along the way. I will try to correct it once I got the time (Like now). BTW, for better understanding, you might want to take a look at the what this assignment is based on. It’s a short story called “Flying Machine” and it was created by Ray Bradbury. That might help you further understand what I was talking about in this.

Monologue Created for the Flying Machine

Another assignment based on the Flying Machine. This is the last project I did in the G10 class. (Talk about contrary, lol) This one is a very very short monologue and it is about 2 minutes maximum. However, it did earn me 100% in the final monologue performance.

Short Story

A story about a grandpa and grandson, completely fiction. The Weirdest short story I had ever written even though I haven’t really write a lot stories, lolz. Even my weirdest English teacher, Mr. Krisak thought it is too weird even for him.. Be advised!

Search for Death

This is one of my most successful story. I wonder whether you would find it chilly or boring but I definitely enjoyed writing it. It is the weird type of writing I had created in the past however, I didn’t make it that weird to scare people away but I think it still might be too weird for you. Be cautious!

Note: Because I added a HUGE watermark picture in the editable word version of this writing so the word file is like 1.5mb and most people would really hate to see a five page document that big so it’s recommended that you see the PDF version for this one (the PDF file is only about 150kbs).