Contact Information… Your only ways of reaching me without me banning you…

Welcome I hope you liked this site (probably not). A lot of effort has been put into it. If you like it, send me a email and tell me why. If you don’t like it, also send me a email telling me just how to fix it up better. Okay? Thanks.

You can contact me via email, letters, phone or even fax (do tell me before you send one though. I am using one line for phone and fax.).

I am working on a forums right now and soon I’ll post the link here and on the front page. I trust you won’t use any of the information below against me in someway. So here are my contact info:


934 Chippewa Dr London, Ontario, Canada

Postal Code:

N5V 4G8

  • 514 898 1808
  • (not dyt811!)
Drop a line here folks. lol

Come back to visit my blog from time to time…hehe