Anime and Cartoon

have a few image galleries for this anime/ cartoon stuff and actually most of them in this section are actually from games…


Chinese Paladin 3, also known as one of the good Chiense RPG that made in the recent years. It bring some new blood into the whole dying singler player PPG game. I love this game very much. I didn’t play CP3EXT though… I heard a mix of review on it.


Next up…ZERO! from “Megaman X” series and “Zero” series. One of the coolest dude in megaman series. Too bad that there are not that many good pictures avaialle about him. I like his style and his way of taking care of the business around him. His way of using sabre never cease to amaze me. If I ever learn any blade weapon, it’s definitely because of him. Gooooooooooooo! Z-sabre!!


Now… This guy is one of the most famous character in “King of FIghters” series. His name is Iori Yagami… His cruelty when facing his enemy is well known and has always been a model of the way I’ll treat my enemy… lol. This picture of him is WAY TOO CUTE…haha. The problem with this guy is that you’ll NEVER be able to find a good picture of him anywhere and all the pictures I found about him is so crappy. His way of evil…. now, that’s something.


Last..but not the least… BELLDANDY from the well known manga/TV series called “Oh! My Goddess!” Well, I am a HUGE fan of the series so there will soon be a special section devoted to OMG universe within this site some time soon. What can I say about her? She’s too perfect. Too kind, too gentle, too nice, too naive, too pure and most importantly too positive all the time… If she ever land her holiness’ prescence on Earth, the world would become heaven in a snap. Sigh… too bad I doubt that would happen anytime soon. Hehe. ^_^