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About Everything… This section contains all my opinions regarding various matters.

Here is where I wrote down my opinion about virutually everything I can find… Expect lots of verbal garbages. This section contain the world in my view point. In each little setion I talk about the topic and tell you what I think about it or how it is related to me. . The topics are almost anything I could think of. It includes my view about god, life, love, education, sports, PSY, UFO, Abnormal. I would spend most of my time to add more things into this section because I feel this is the most unique part of this site. I want to make it obvious to you about my view about the world. Somebody might be interested in it very much while others may not. So if you want, you can just take a look and then tell me what you think of it. If you want to debate it with me I wouldn’t mind. Just send a mail and tell me. Anyway, here are the things I would show my view about.



The best thing that could happen to the people if it does come true. However, in the meantiem, it’s not possible till another couple hundreds of years unless there is a breakthrough in our ways of thinking and behaving. But I do believe it is possible. It’s just that the quality of the people haven’t really reach a level high enough to make it come true. Meanwhile, we can only wait and hope there will be a breakthrough in the near future.

This is my faviourite topic for debating. Almost everyone is afraid of death. Most people think it’s the end of their life but still, we don’t know.It could be the end, or it can be some kind of powerful, amazing transformation which everone have to go through and end up being someone or something else. I mean, who knows? I see death as a door, a door that lead to an unknown dimension. We will all eventually got a chance to explore it someday. Don’t need to be hasty. Once the time come, we will all know what await us ahead.


The process of learning. We all started as an infant. Then we grow up. During this process, we have to experience a process called education. During it, we learned most of the knowledge our ancestors have discovered and leaerned. Why? Because we want to start our life by using these knowledge and then to discover more knowledge and then so this cycle would keep repeating itself and so the human race would keep improving itself at a certain rate. So, in general everyone is going toward one goal: To better ourself. To keep this race evolving. Education is what everyone have to go through in order to help everyone to have a good base to start with, so everyone will be able to help this race evolving in some way.

Everyone is full of hope for the future. But will it realy be that good? I doubt so. We have been mistreating our environment and the lack of realization about how serious our actions are effecting the future ahead of us. We have eyes and mind but we don’t see far enough about what’s the corresponding consequence of every single one of our action. Our quality of thinking aren’t high enough to realize all these.

I think they are the most important thing you could possiblely have in this world. A close friend is very important thing in your life at any stage. Now, I do have a lot friend here in London but none of them are really that close. I don’t know why but I feel that the distance between people are actually increasing as we grew older. When I was back in elementary school, I would easily make a new friend with someone. Even though it may not be very close but at least it’s much closer than the kind of friendship in here. Maybe it’s just my perspective but I don’t know… However, I really wish I would have a great close friend who can help me out when I am in trouble and also would need my help sometimes. I feel close friends have to be truthful to each other and at least keep in contact a couple of days and usually do things together, etc. Wonder why it’s so hard to find a good friend…

Most people think life is once and once only. No matter whether that’s true or not, I feel we should spend our time wisely and treasure every moment. Life as a human being is the most precious thing you could possiblely get. Look back into your life and tell me whether you wasted your time or not. I doubt anyone who is reading this right now would say no to the question I just asked. Life is precious, but most people (like me,) don’t take it seriously. Always think there would be still a lot time left.

I wrote a poem about love. It included all my thoughts about love. Beside the poem, all I can say is that when you are talking about love, you are talking about craziness, frenzy, illogic actions and statement. Love is caused by chemical in us, but it’s not just that. It’s a behaviour of human beings. Love is also a powerful thing. It might be the most powerful thing in the world but if it’s not used in the right way, then the destruction is also powerful and devastating. If you have ever fell in love then you know what I am talking about.It’s a thing that’s not easy to explain and yet you can say it wasily. From so far I experienced in love, I would say, Love is Truth. Love could be anything else, but without truth, love is no more.


Gentlemen’s Code

(Currently seeking one, lol) I don’t know why (I always use that as a excuse for illogical action and thoughtless actions.).

He is/ they are the almighty(s). I am not into any religon so I do believe that it’s fair for me to say this as a person in nurtural position. I don’t want to discuss the existance of god or gods. All I believe in is this, whether god or gods exists or not, the thought of them being exist bring hope to us and made us have better expectation for the future. I do believe all religions have brought everyone hope about his/her life and made it substantial. It’s like a flash light which light up the darkness and lead people into a way. It may be good, it may be bad. Sometiem, you will be amazed by the power of religon. They made the impossible possible sometime. You can say it’s not because of the power of gods and think the power come from within people themselves. However, still, the religion brought power to people.

High School

Better without it but if you don’t have it you will suffer. If the human race is able to get rid of it and work to better ourself then the world would be a wonderful place (sort of like the idea of communism). For now, even if some people do want to get rid of it but most won’t agree. We are too selfish to think about the future of this race. We care about money and everything you do will be involving money so unless there is a breakthrough in human’s quality of thinking then I think we won’t be advance enough to get rid of money.

A mystery is always a mystery. It’s definitely unsolveble because if it’s already solved then it’s no longer called a mystery. I am a mystery seeker but my ability and this very society limited (more likely, elimated) my chance of oberserving the mystery or seek out an answer for them. I want to go to Burmuda Triangle and then go into the Pyramid but my life don’t allow that. My family, my boss, my job, my wife (well, in the future) will certainly, and definitely stop me from going anywhere that’s thrilled with mysteries. They care what would happen to me if I died during the exploration. What would happen to me in the future if I was severely injured… Sometime, I really wish that I was like a ball which can be kicked anywhere. No root, no limit, only the pure life ahead of me, with it full of freedom.

Oil Price

Paper Cranes


  1. Science is the explaniation of everything in the world.
  2. If you encounter a supernature phenomenon then it’s because you are insane or you hallucinated it..
  3. If you can’t explain something in this world then it’s because either you are stupid.

The thoughts above are what most science geek or nerd think. There are a lot phenomenon in this world that’s impossible to explain. Why would someone think that thing that’s impossible to explain would be faulty or hallucination? Science isn’t perfect. It’s our way of studying the nature and the world around us. Use a simple example, how do we know that the color you saw is red? I mean, your eyes told you it’s red but how do you know what is it really looks like in the reality? You can’t share your vision of world with others, what if the red appears in others’ eye as a different color but since everyone can’t share his/her vision they would always known that different color as red. So there is a possibility that everyone is experience a world in totally different color. We study the environment around us by using our senser organss (mainly, eyes). How do you know whether they deceived us or not? I hope this raise a point. Science is ffffaaaaarrrrr from perfect. We are looking at results and then conclud the cause. We see the gravity of the earth pull an apple toward the center of the earth but then again we are looking at the result. We used the result to conclude that there is some force out there pulling to apple. So, you see, we study our world from results, not causes. Therefore of course there might be a lot misunderstanding. We may actually never know what the cause would be for some result because sometime it’s just impossible to study the result and get the cause.

Thousand Paper Crane Project

The most precious thing beside life. However, same as life, many people treated it as if it’s unlimited. Save time, save your life. Time is also a strange thing, it sometime seems to escape from you in the speed of light but sometime, it goes away slower than a turtle. But I prefer the turtle better than light even though it means more boring things in my life.

I like to travel. If I ever got a chance, I would definitely want to revisit Europe and China. I think somehow I am just bonded to theose places with ancient history. When I went to Germany around 1992 I saw lots of old style castles, buildings churches, I found them quite attractive. However, I doubt that would be possible because of this life style. I think I might be able to do it if I was really really rich but again that’s just impossible. Travel require a lot energy and good language skill which I extremely lack of. However, I think, that this will come true one day, when I am able to seek out a great job and be good at it.



This world is full of mystery for people to solve. Yet, the structure of this whole society is forcing people to work, work, work, and act normal to everything special, treat every things as it’s nature. No, that’s not the ideal world in my mind. Yes, I admit that work is important but I feel more people should open their mind and accepting new things. Discovery should be made and more people should have the spirit of creativity.