/bin/sh: 1: ./XXXX.sh: not found

This obscure error plagued me a long time. This occurred in the context when trying to build a linux docker on a Windows host while trying to ask the Dockerfile to copy over a XXXX.sh file (name doesn’t matter) when it was originally created on windows and trying to execute it as RUN/CMD/ENTRY in the […]

Plotly Orca Bug and Workaround

TLDR: solution thread at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58473837/plotly-missing-orca I love plotly. I never remember any of their syntax when generating images and have to search every single time but they produce easily some of the most gorgeous graphs if you spend a few minutes, maybe hours, or days obsessing over the details and produce stunning images. I absolutely […]

Interesting Observation on interpolate2d from numpy vs RBF from scipy.interpolate

So at work I have to convert a function from matlab interpolate2d to python. But there is no direct translation or rather, some similar but not identical implementation so I had to look it up. After running some unit tests and seeing some very bizarre value later, I stumbled across this insightful experimentataion post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37872171/how-can-i-perform-two-dimensional-interpolation-using-scipy […]

Weird Plotly Express Bug…

Plotly 4.5.0 has always worked well for me but recently, I ran into this weird bug where it just crash out like a BAMF. I wasn’t even trying anything fancy, just an example code, on a BRAND NEW notebook: import plotly.express as px data_canada = px.data.gapminder().query(“country == ‘Canada'”) fig = px.bar(data_canada, x=’year’, y=’pop’) fig.show() Then […]

Docker tips, tricks and gotchas…

I have been doing some test and exploration putting Docker containers together via docker-compose. Here are some tricks not mentioned in most cheat sheets but are very valuable in my journey as I struggle with it. I will keep trying to update this. Networking:  Container IP: docker inspect -f “{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}”  then add 4 alphanumeric […]