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2017-07-22 Note 4 Reflow Update

Been two days. Not even a SINGLE reboot. Seriously, I am reflowing EVERY SINGLE electronics whenver they break from this point onwards. This is insane. A poorly connected solder can OBSOLETE the entire device? WTH? I only did for TWO minutes in the oven and this phone is now performing solidly. This is crazy. I don’t know if I should marvel at Samsung’s design or if this is a problem in the general electronic world (I heard reflow mobo/graphic card before, so I guess this cannot be the first or the last…

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Note 4 Reflow Update

So far so good. Camera focus is not damage at such short interval. Device boot up normally. AT LEAST we are achieve status quo here. Will note and record and update here as we go along.

For the record, prereflow… I witness in just REGUALR usage (i.e. not glued to my phone, check occationally), I am getting about 3 to 7 times of spontaneous restart.

Lastly, I keep wondering if taking phone to jog is a good idea… funny thing is though, at least in the way I hold it (vertically up), jogging has not yet caused it to boot loop on me even ONCE. On the other hand, leave it on the table or picking it up actually have a VERY strong chance of causing bootloop at least on my second device. It is like… pick it up, and it bootloop on you. Screw Samsung, gotta make it LAST, man.

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Samsung Note 4 MMC_read issue and Heat Reflow “Technique” to attempt to salvage

It all started here: https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxynote4/comments/6c70pp/mmc_read_fail_fix/

hopefully my documented route and explorations and blunder with Note 4 repair can help those few Note 4 in the wild running into this increasingly common MMC fail issue.

I have two Note 4 phones and I used to own the Note 2. I always load a third-party heavy duty battery (think ZeroLemon 10k mAH). These battery have the tendency to make the phone quite heavy and I do drop them around quite a bit . To be honest I don’t think Saumsung make the most sturdy phones to be honest. My old Note2 died of an MMC_read failure just like my first Note 4. It is quite curious their symptoms are surprisingly similar in that your phone suddenly starts to restart by themselves and as its frequency increase eventually once you reset your phoneand one day you will suddenly be greeted with the dreaded MMC_read failure.

I tossed my first Note 2 as it was costing almost 200CAD or more to replace the motherboard. My first Note 4 ran into the same issue and I kept it around as a spare charger for the other ZeroLemons batteries I got. Spent another 300CAD getting my second phone by the time Note 7 are burning the world down. Lo and behold about less than a year afterwards the second one  started random bootlooping as well. You just know that some components in their are getting loose… Damn Sumsung. My old iPhone 4 is STILL alive and kicking (after a home button replacement lol). In face, my iPhone Gen 1 is STILL alive and kick on the charging stand…. I wish any Android device can have replaceable batteries and with a nice stylus and external memories.. and that is all I ask for… not much, is it? I don’t care if it’s battery sucks as long as I can remove and replace it with something else… Unlike the shity shity internal ones nowadays we get all thanks to Apple’s trend.

Anyway back to the topic about how to fix your phone…. if you dare.

I tried the technique as outlined in https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxynote4/comments/6c70pp/mmc_read_fail_fix/ and actually manage to revive my first phone with almost great results. I did 165c over 7 minutes and definitely over cooked some components ( especially the cameras and focusing mechanisms as it is permanently melted partially along with some minor cosmetic damage), also I was an idiot by having the camera facing the upper heating element and also left a good S pen there… sigh. so many mistakes. I think the direction of the device facing up or down DO matters.

Now, I am doing heat reflow in hope of reducing boot loop issues in my 2nd Note 4. Today I subjected the 2nd Note 4 to 300F for 2mins in the oven (bottom element on only, putting it on some cardboard pad to avoid direct facing of optical element), and I will update here more as my gruelsome experiments continue.

I do have to say that my first Note 4 is alive and well and so far has not even had the chance to bootloop on me even once yet (but then again, I’m currently not using it as a primary phone so it is a bit biased. Will report later as I play with it so far… but HEY, at least it booted up where as before MMC fail nonstop.). I did get a MMC_read failure again while charging and downloading up (which caused it to heat up a bit and was partially remedied by cooling down and restart). So be aware, this is most likely not a permanent fix but if your devices is bricked and boot looping and will cost over 200$ CAD to repair as a three generations old device, what do you have to lose? Do it for SCIENCE!

Why I don’t switch to a new Note? I think you probably know the answer just judging by the information I provided above: those puny 3000mah batteries are a joke…. Note 4 was the only pen device with a removable battery… I would have switched if I could but nothing good came up yet.

Best of luck and I sincerely wish you the best. Note 4 is a great device… when it is not bootlooping and if you did not burn the focusing/camera lens, and if it is not MMC fail on you… and frankly, I am going to start baking all broken electronics like this for the next little while…until they are totally dead.

Note the damage flash units in the first trial…

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Visiting Iceland and something I quickly learned

There are interesting tidbits about Iceland I have learned that I wish I have known before chosen to come here. Don’t mistake that as something I don’t like, it is just quite unanticipated:

  1. Hot water containing lots of hydrogen sulfide due to geothermal source of the hot water and showering and brushing the teeth in hot water is a very interesting experience I’m not had the pleasure of trying elsewhere.
  2. Things are quite more expensive here compared to North America even by Canadian standards. Like typically 2 to 3 times more expensive easily for most daily mundane grocery day to day living items.
  3. The midnight sun so called are best enjoyed  on sunny days. Depending on where you’re staying, it might be a good idea to go for a run around midnight if you feel up for it as even around midnight there are tons of people roaming around the traffic goes about their business. I guess most people just nap and do more work this time of the year. :)
  4. Make sure bring adapters, especially if you use AirB&B.
  5. Internet speed is extremely fast year and so are the 4G/LTE network.
  6. Puffins are not near Reykjavik.  Puffins souvenirs, however are everywhere…
  7. To drink the tap water voraciously. They are as pure as water can be.
  8. Dress warmly, if “iceland” has not clued you in yet.
  9. There are not as cold as Canadian winter.

Well that’s what I have learned so far, will update more if I come across them.

I feel stupid. It is important to make sure you bring adaptors   or buy good power adaptor at the tax free shop near the airport.

Shopping at bonus has saved some money but still think it’s quite expensive here. Most shops close early and you definitely want to get your stuff before the end of the day any day of the week.

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Standard Operating Protocol for Extracting NeuroVault 3D rendering Engine

SOP for capture IDENTICAL images for neuro results presentation. Works for me.



  1. Ensure browser maximized in one window.
  2. Open 3D View.
  3. Hover Top Bar Menue:  View -> Projection -> Orthographic
  4. Hover Top Bar Menue:  Adjust T color mapping. I recommend +/-5 for T-test results. +/-8 for F maps. Obvious, adapt as necessary base on strength of results.
  5. Bottom Bar Menu: Click In order: Flat, Inflated, Figucial
  6. Bottom Bar Menu: Move Pivot Left most. Screenshot: Alt + PrintScreen
  7. Bottom Bar Menu: Move Pivot Right most. Screenshot: Alt + PrintScreen.
  8. Hover Top Bar menu. Alt + PrintScreen.
  9. In post, make a PhotoShop Action to crop the area.

Enjoy. Now all future screenshots can be consistently done. Use the same computer. Use the same browser will help ensure consistency. Too bad PyCortex has no auto-snap feature yet.


Rinse. Repeat.

Screenshot 2015-01-12 01.05.57

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Been a while

On AMTRAK to NYC for SOBP2014. Very interesting. Luxurious and makes VIA Rail train look like jokes. Mostly empty on weekdays. Professional staff and effiicent. It will be a long train ride, I know that for sure. 10 hours…. with many delays along the way. 😛 EPIC.

Oh, and I forgot my water and snack. Sigh.

Also I did manage to integrate an iPad into my poster. Will post a picture later on if I get a chance.

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An Epic New Year

Soon, I will be traveling to the other side of the world for 2 weeks. Literally, 12 hours time zone differences. I have to go because of family and personal reasons. It is not easy leaving in the middle of so many things and trying to get everything done on the road while 12 hours jet lagged. But, what can I do? I gotta get this wrapped up and away while come back to tackle PN2 class exam on the first day back.

It will be exciting traveling around this time of the year in China where literally people mountain people sea moves around. A true wonder to behold.

Did a lot of programming these days at work. It made me realize how bad the whole data base really is.

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Just a cautionary tale for those using IE8/9 and Word/Excel/PPT

Do yourself a favor and do not try to OPEN word document attachment and try to edit it.

Because if word quits on you, it is a MEGA pain to find that file.

Obviously, people have lost word files that way.


Because IE actually keeps multiple temporary file folders. Not sure which is for what but they are all random names. under ContentIE5.0 folder under the temporary file folder.
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\

So, your file could be ANYWHERE under temporary file folder. Worst case, you also cannot search for it because these are hidden by system default… and search engine will not find it…

So, what can you do?

Well, you have to go to the IE5.0 folder and UNHIND all those bizarrely named folder and look through them. to dig out your bizarre files. You must set two options in Windows Explorer in order to see the folders: Select “Show hidden files and folders” and deselect “hide protected operating system files”. Then try search again… I still recommend doing manual search sorted by time or file name…

Why IE think temporary internet files (like the doc you lost) as the protected operating system files? I have ZERO clue aside from regularly recommend you to use chrome/firefox or safari. Consider yourself warned.

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[Tweet] ISO 8601. Wiki it. Use it. Leave this date text fo…

ISO 8601. Wiki it. Use it. Leave this date text format problem in the past centuries please!

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[Tweet] Well made. War Through The Eyes Of A Soldier htt…

Well made. War Through The Eyes Of A Soldier

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