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Jupyter / Anaconda / Python Path in Windows

Oh gosh this took me literally a FULL day to resolve yet so freaking stupid.

For those of you trying to run Python/Jupyter and get the annoying cmdlet not found error etc but you can start without issue, this is a pathing problem BUT an odd one. So…

Apparently you will need to add C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3 (for python) and C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Scripts and most importantly C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Library\bin (for Jupyter) for Powershell to recognize Python/Jupyter at the commandline level. I cannot believe this was not spelt out elsewhere… and I had to crawl StackExchange forever… Also not sure why even after reinstall Anaconda, it still did not path properly

Get http://patheditor2.codeplex.com/ to make it MUCH easier to work with… Best of luck.


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Update on the Note 4s

So yeah, as I have feared, the old method worked okay for a few weeks but proved completely unreliable under consistent uses depsite optimal appearance in the first few weeks. The fact that I also dropped it one more time also didn’t help while tryign out VR.

Seriously considering Note 8 now that ZeroLemon has let loose the powerpack for it. But gotta save money first….

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Note 4 heat reflow update

Nothing much to add here. Long term stability test out. Camera tests out. Boot looped only once upon impact. No other noticeable negative impact if oven time and temperature is controlled tightly and no directly heat source exposure.

Heat reflow might be recommended on a semi annual basis to ensure device circuitry integrity…. Sigh the price of being a Samsung fan….

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HP spectre 360x 13-4102dx wifi issue revisited

So the wifi Intel dual band wireless access 7265 antenna cable came loose again and armed with the proper tool and technique and knowledge I had to reattach the cable once more. I got a better chance to take even better shots than last time. For a almost 2k laptop, this really shouldnt be happening in addition to its mobo death within warranty period. As they say… Tape usually fix everything…
Also I just noticed that the cable that came off is most likely  the main signal cable….. Damn…



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Heat reflow Logs

So… My main device has not yet bootlooped not even once after I gently roasted the phone.

The restored/ device did boot and lockup once and had to be completely cooled down and restart the next day to restore functionalities. Accidental drop definitely has major impact on device performance. 

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FINALLY fixed my Spectre x360 wifi issue.

I FINALLY solved the issue with my HP Spectre x360 wifi range issue!

Intel Dual Band  Wireless-AC7265 is working but my signal range is usualy about 10m open air and I have been like…. WTF?

I even already bought a second USB internet adapter just to fix this problem.

Today I saw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwdDM3sVJ5k&t=159s on Andy’s guide about how to tighten the hinge (which I noticed the moment I bought this computer… but I always thought it was by design!

GUESS what I found?

One wire from the wireless adapter was loose NO WONDER I ran into issue with Wifi range. HELL YEAH. Literally took me a year to open up the PC and find the problem.

Seriously man… like… WHY?

I hope if you are using HP Spextre x360 and ever ran into similar issue, you will open your case up (T5) and tighten the hinges and make sure 50% of your wifi signal is coming through XD.
Notice that little fucker pointing it’s finger at you near the chrome hinge on the left? Yeah…. Left one is not connected!

Loose hinge might be the first cause of why wire is loose in the first place! Pretty sure it is a design flaw. 

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2017-07-24 Update

Zero restart. Camera lense still works great. I will heat reflowing every single electronic that suddenly dies (probably flip them upside down first)

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2017-07-22 Note 4 Reflow Update

Been two days. Not even a SINGLE reboot. Seriously, I am reflowing EVERY SINGLE electronics whenver they break from this point onwards. This is insane. A poorly connected solder can OBSOLETE the entire device? WTH? I only did for TWO minutes in the oven and this phone is now performing solidly. This is crazy. I don’t know if I should marvel at Samsung’s design or if this is a problem in the general electronic world (I heard reflow mobo/graphic card before, so I guess this cannot be the first or the last…

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Note 4 Reflow Update

So far so good. Camera focus is not damage at such short interval. Device boot up normally. AT LEAST we are achieve status quo here. Will note and record and update here as we go along.

For the record, prereflow… I witness in just REGUALR usage (i.e. not glued to my phone, check occationally), I am getting about 3 to 7 times of spontaneous restart.

Lastly, I keep wondering if taking phone to jog is a good idea… funny thing is though, at least in the way I hold it (vertically up), jogging has not yet caused it to boot loop on me even ONCE. On the other hand, leave it on the table or picking it up actually have a VERY strong chance of causing bootloop at least on my second device. It is like… pick it up, and it bootloop on you. Screw Samsung, gotta make it LAST, man.

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Samsung Note 4 MMC_read issue and Heat Reflow “Technique” to attempt to salvage

It all started here: https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxynote4/comments/6c70pp/mmc_read_fail_fix/

hopefully my documented route and explorations and blunder with Note 4 repair can help those few Note 4 in the wild running into this increasingly common MMC fail issue.

I have two Note 4 phones and I used to own the Note 2. I always load a third-party heavy duty battery (think ZeroLemon 10k mAH). These battery have the tendency to make the phone quite heavy and I do drop them around quite a bit . To be honest I don’t think Saumsung make the most sturdy phones to be honest. My old Note2 died of an MMC_read failure just like my first Note 4. It is quite curious their symptoms are surprisingly similar in that your phone suddenly starts to restart by themselves and as its frequency increase eventually once you reset your phoneand one day you will suddenly be greeted with the dreaded MMC_read failure.

I tossed my first Note 2 as it was costing almost 200CAD or more to replace the motherboard. My first Note 4 ran into the same issue and I kept it around as a spare charger for the other ZeroLemons batteries I got. Spent another 300CAD getting my second phone by the time Note 7 are burning the world down. Lo and behold about less than a year afterwards the second one  started random bootlooping as well. You just know that some components in their are getting loose… Damn Sumsung. My old iPhone 4 is STILL alive and kicking (after a home button replacement lol). In face, my iPhone Gen 1 is STILL alive and kick on the charging stand…. I wish any Android device can have replaceable batteries and with a nice stylus and external memories.. and that is all I ask for… not much, is it? I don’t care if it’s battery sucks as long as I can remove and replace it with something else… Unlike the shity shity internal ones nowadays we get all thanks to Apple’s trend.

Anyway back to the topic about how to fix your phone…. if you dare.

I tried the technique as outlined in https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxynote4/comments/6c70pp/mmc_read_fail_fix/ and actually manage to revive my first phone with almost great results. I did 165c over 7 minutes and definitely over cooked some components ( especially the cameras and focusing mechanisms as it is permanently melted partially along with some minor cosmetic damage), also I was an idiot by having the camera facing the upper heating element and also left a good S pen there… sigh. so many mistakes. I think the direction of the device facing up or down DO matters.

Now, I am doing heat reflow in hope of reducing boot loop issues in my 2nd Note 4. Today I subjected the 2nd Note 4 to 300F for 2mins in the oven (bottom element on only, putting it on some cardboard pad to avoid direct facing of optical element), and I will update here more as my gruelsome experiments continue.

I do have to say that my first Note 4 is alive and well and so far has not even had the chance to bootloop on me even once yet (but then again, I’m currently not using it as a primary phone so it is a bit biased. Will report later as I play with it so far… but HEY, at least it booted up where as before MMC fail nonstop.). I did get a MMC_read failure again while charging and downloading up (which caused it to heat up a bit and was partially remedied by cooling down and restart). So be aware, this is most likely not a permanent fix but if your devices is bricked and boot looping and will cost over 200$ CAD to repair as a three generations old device, what do you have to lose? Do it for SCIENCE!

Why I don’t switch to a new Note? I think you probably know the answer just judging by the information I provided above: those puny 3000mah batteries are a joke…. Note 4 was the only pen device with a removable battery… I would have switched if I could but nothing good came up yet.

Best of luck and I sincerely wish you the best. Note 4 is a great device… when it is not bootlooping and if you did not burn the focusing/camera lens, and if it is not MMC fail on you… and frankly, I am going to start baking all broken electronics like this for the next little while…until they are totally dead.

Note the damage flash units in the first trial…

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