Docker tips, tricks and gotchas…

I have been doing some test and exploration putting Docker containers together via docker-compose. Here are some tricks not mentioned in most cheat sheets but are very valuable in my journey as I struggle with it. I will keep trying to update this. Networking:  Container IP: docker inspect -f “{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}”  then add 4 alphanumeric […]

[Deep Dive] The Deep Annoying Dark Art of Configuring an Azure Serverless API Functions to be authenticated with Azure B2C Active Directory Configuration Policy…

I used to think Git was hard to learn, then GitKraken made it easy (tip fedora). Then, I ran into Azure configuring beast. I literally sunk about 2 to 3 days alone just reading blogs, LinkedIn training videos, trying, failing, crying, grieving, therapy session, taking a walk, adopting a pet, watching it die of old […]

Azure Function x64 Gotcha

This was super annoying when I ran into it. I was playing with Azure function for a bit and because our app needs to be 64 bits for dependency reason, I made a simple Azure Function v2 to apply the serverless technology for this situation. However, what was working as a straight copy and paste […]

Python Flask Image

I have been following this wonderful Flask Mega Tutorial by Miguel Grinberg and really learned a lot about developing and deploying Flask for my work.  Highly recommend for those want to  build simple flask website that scale okay. What has been bugging me FOREVER about it, was why that particular ancient artifact” image for his tutorial. […]