Ignorance is not bliss

Occasionally, I help others build website.s One client of mine approached me asking me to help them out. Sure thing, no issues. You want a website, you get a website. Nothing fancy. Then I emailed to ask what domain name they wanted and then they turned back asking me what is a “domain name”, is […]

Fix for Corsair Effects Engine (CEE) for K70 MKII Keyboard Non-Detection Issues [Only Tested on k70 MKII RapidFire RGB]

TLDR: 1) Find your PID. 2) Find Devices.xml of the app and update the PID values for your device in the xml. Corsair Effects Engine is a super cool utility by Emily Maxwell that makes Corsair keyboard has Spectrograph :). Came across this annoying issue preventing my K70 MK2 RapidFire RGB from being detected by CEE. Endless […]


So today a LinkedIn tech recruiter (who also happen to be a nice lady) and I got on the phone. After initial nice greeting, I managed to fumbled my reply to be: “So, what I can do to you today…” instead of the more normal human interaction like “what can I do FOR you today?” […]