Pro Tip for Easier Time Reconsiling/Accounting Transactions

I might have posted this before, but if you ever keep track of your own personal finance using software/excel/YNAB/Mint/whatever, especially when it comes to transfer between accounts (does not , it is always better than use weird specific amount than whole amount.

For instance, if you need to transfer $500 fom to your life of credit to bank account, try to transfer 521.12 or some non-integer numbers so the chance of this transaction being unique is much higher. This way, you will never have to worry about mixing transactions. Avoid 100, 1000, 500 etc amount as once the number of accounts and transactions scale over time, it can be super confusion and lead to much later issues when reconsiling whether that 100$ was the one you sent to Joe or the one you transferred to your saving or the 100$ that you were putting towards your retirement.

Most importantly, it makes subsequent search so much easier.