Ignorance is not bliss

Occasionally, I help others build website.s

One client of mine approached me asking me to help them out. Sure thing, no issues. You want a website, you get a website. Nothing fancy.

Then I emailed to ask what domain name they wanted and then they turned back asking me what is a “domain name”, is that the name of the website? I hesitated, pondering my response, purpose of my existence, and how to best respond to that question.

I could:

  1. LMGTFY: passive, but aggressive and maybe teach a lesson?
  2. Explain the concept: teach a lesson?
  3. Pretend to never seen this email?
  4. Drop the client and move on with my life?
  5. Teach them how to look up an unknown concept? Because surely, everyone in the world has heard Wikipedia by now?

It really takes less than 5 minutes to educate yourself to learn something new.

Not everyone does that.

I will try to stick with those who at least attempts to educate themselves.

But I have to work with people like that. In the end, I wrote her a short email explaining that.

Such, is the fate of working with people. You do what needs to be done to get things moving.