Fix for Corsair Effects Engine (CEE) for K70 MKII Keyboard Non-Detection Issues [Only Tested on k70 MKII RapidFire RGB]

TLDR: 1) Find your PID. 2) Find Devices.xml of the app and update the PID values for your device in the xml.
Corsair Effects Engine is a super cool utility by Emily Maxwell that makes Corsair keyboard has Spectrograph :). Came across this annoying issue preventing my K70 MK2 RapidFire RGB from being detected by CEE. Endless Google/Reddit ensued suggest MKIIs were not supported. A bit investigation turned out to be a relatively simple PID mismatch issue resulted in keyboard not being detected. So far, it seems to have worked well for me and have not encountered any terrible bugs yet.
To find your own PID device (See graphs below)
  1. Go to “Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers
  2. Right click your keyboard then properties.
  3. Click Hardware Tab.
  4. Select HID Keyboard Device
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Go to Details Tab.
  7. Select Hardware IDs.
  8. Find the number that shows after PID_: my keyboard is 1B49.
2019-09-29T000920_CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Properties (1).png
Steps to Find your PID


Find and Update “Devices.xml” (See graphs below) :
  1. Open CEE (not minimized, so it shows under Task Manager – Apps)
  2. Right click “Corsair Effeects Engine” in Process manager, then Open File Location)
  3. Find the “Devices.xml” in that folder, for me it was something ridiculous like : “C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\LVJMT5M2.EWQ\T71V1VBW.L83\cors..tion_0000000000000000_0000.0003_9cd37b466552489d”. Yours is very likely to be different too. This is determined by the installer of CEE.
  4. Use Notepad or notepad++ to open the Devices.xml file.
  5. Scroll through and find the device most similar to yours. I suspect more of them should work fine once PID updated. For me, I suspect most K70 devices are MK1 instead of MK2 so I chose “K70 RAPIDFIRE RGB”
  6. Update the PID key values between <PID></PID> for your device. For me, it WAS “0x1B38” and I changed it to “0x1B49” found above and it now works.
  7. Restart the CEE.
  8. Enjoy your RGB Spectrograph if that has been missing in your life?
Finding Devices.xml Location
Where to update the PID. Most likely just needs to change the last few digits.

Finding Devices.xml locationWhere to update your PID (just change the last two digits is usually fine. Only tested on K70 RAPIDFIRE RGB but given that all of them use similar matrix, it should work for other K70 as well.)