Just want to get this out there… Time is precious and it accumulates well when saved properly.

I commute 15 minutes from home to work by car (yes, very lucky). I rarely bothered to pair my Bluetooth with the car audio to listen to anything productive and just usually let radio play or silence.

Then, I started forcing myself to take the extra few minutes to hook up the bluetooth to the car (not same car, car sharing) and listen to some audible book, before you realize it, I finished several audio books already. 15 minutes per trip, 30 minutes per day, 3.5 hours per week and two weeks of commuting gets 7 hours of audio content which is typically the length of a shorter book. Get some exciting book like those that teach you to negotiate better, or tell you about cool history or something. I am glad Audible is making me the habbit of listening to stuff again. I am very grateful.