Massive Rant about Google Drive

Holy XXXX… You know they say that a backup is not a backup until you test it, today I had to rely on Google Drive to recover accidentally deleted files and that went bad….

So, I accidentally deleted some files online, no biggie, checked trash… not there… WTF?

then check history… and its gone. This issue aside (luckily, I didn’t lose much… but I will never ever expect to recovery from Google Drive again. ). Anyway, their instruction is to use SEARCh to find these hidden elf files roaming somewhere in the ether. This is when I ALSO realized Google Drive search does not support regular expression and has some epic quirky bugs.

Here are files taken screenshot with time stamped file name:

2018-09-29 8.07.58 PM:

 2018-09-29 8.07.58 PM.png

2018-09-29 8.08.07 PM:

 2018-09-29 8.08.07 PM.png

2018-09-29 8.08.13 PM:

 2018-09-29 8.08.13 PM.png

So as you can see… this makes zero sense. If you take away RE power from user, at least do a freaking competent, fool proof job doing searches (btw, this is Google… just so you know, very ironic for what they do tbh in one of their core product…).

Like, I am not even sure how this types of bugs exist,  I am not talking about special symbols here, a search with basic alpha numerical string (that is at the BEGINNING) of the file names… does not work. What.The.Hell.

Yeah, you get this… when you press enter, it still fail to find the file yet I assure you those files clearly exist because they are the new files which I just uploaded …

 2018-09-29 8.16.38 PM.png


After thoughts:

I think… most likely something went wrong during the indexing process or asynchronizing of the indexing that cause this odd bug but still, why part but not all of the file name? I am going to check again later to see if this bug still persist. Maybe it only exists for recent files like this one updated in like (19:45) and didn’t get indexed properly in 20 minutes. HOWEVER, this still doesn’t fully explain the issue that the search-as-you-type manage to pick up PART of file name but not all… Very odd.

Bottomline, this is the second time I got burned by Google Drive. I would store cat photos there but work related photos, I gotta get my shxt together and do some seriously hourly backups….

LASTLY: Just to say, I tried a few recovery attempts over the years in Dropbox and they went better than this… and I am paying for both….=_=…