SmartThings, Google Home and WeMO mingle words

So this is not the start of a joke, but a super annoying problem that took me too long to resolve.

I call Google Assistant, “Turn off the bedroom”, and google assistant says he has no clue what I am talking about… EVEN though I set bedroom up in both SmartThings, and Google Home.  A few trial and errors later, I realized, that you can either bypass that by saying

  1. “Turn off everything in the bedroom”
  2. “Turn off bedroomS”
  3. rename things away from “Bedroom light” “Bedroom power” etc.

The root cause is because Google is currently not able to tell when singular, “Bedroom” refer to the room, and not the part of the name of the devices name. So hence why it says cannot tell which device you want to modify.

Another thing I ran into is WeMo has its own name when Linked to Google Home. Then, WeMo is also linked to SmartThing which is linked to GoogleHome which cause device multiplication and confusion, and same issue above. To resolve this, what I did was 1) make sure WeMO use some bizarre name like the A0F from the manufacturer’s unique ID. This ensure the device is referred by different names in SmartThing and Wemo and Google Home use the name I assigned in SmartThing despite its direct loading Wemo nonsensical name that no one will call it.

In the end I removed all rooms from SmartThings and only used Google Home to define rooms. Most automation things are handled by SmartThing routines but still, many bugs and I barely have time to figure out. Also, Google keep mishearing “Turn on” with “Turn off” vice versa. Very very annoying.  Oh and also SmartThing on iPhone phone presence never seemed to work for my wife, at, al. Damn it.

Overall, I would say home automation is still quirky as fffff. I do like the fact that thanks to Wemo’s mini plugs and the sort, I do not have to 1) hire an electrician, 2) connect a neutral from the nearest wall sockets 3) drill holes in the ceiling and connect to the switch etc.  JUST so that I can install GE ZWave compatible plugs. That … was ffff annoying. Still need electricians for 2 way switches though.

I shutter at the thought or replacing a lock with smart locks.