Matlab on CentOS with X11

Fun fun fun installing Matlab on CentOS7…. on a server…. without display.

Our resident magical IT guru managed to get XServe up and running but even then… we saw a splash screen and installation FINISHED like what is described here:

This problem blocked us for a while and never got resolved. Then our magical IT guru Rolando took a stab at it and solved it, all thanks to this post by John Miezitis (posted recently on 24th last month) which somehow even more magically found libXtst library is MISSING which is “silently” crashing the installation, as in this post:

Kudos to John, whever you are. We owe you a beer in Montreal.

Yeah, we need GUI on a server (sigh) because SPM/Matlab and a few other programs are very heavy GUI driven and to facilitate debug time, a GUI really helped formation of the analyses script integration. I really wish this abomination isn’t born but so many request for SPM based analyses pipelines (looking at MANTIS right now…)