The journey to get iBeat from iDEA working.

Wow… fun time working with matlab/linux/precompiled binaries…

So, got this awesome software that I have never heard of called iBeat that does pretty epic neonatal segmentation. Except no one I know ever used it. So. I am the dude who shall eat and relish this proverbial crab.

Binary pre-compiled. Joyous.

Then, after editing .bashrc to source their bash source script,

MCR crashed. Matlab Compile? Runtime is what this GUI and others were built on. FUNNNNN…  Cryptic message just like what is reported in the solution thread:

Fatal error loading library /home/lz225/v76/bin/glnxa64/ Error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 

Down off the search rabbit hole I went.

Glad to see I was not the only one running into this issue:

TLDR so far, this file (god… what could this abbreviation possbily mean???). Reqeuired a dynamicly linked library called which is somehow used for printing?

Then further stackxxxxxgoogle change later on: Found this thread:

Which led me to try that too. Downloaded from

and ran

sudo dpkg -i ./libxp6_1.0.2-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

and even though prompt said NOTHING is updated. It worked miraculously by some dark menacing black magic I guess.

and now I can actually launch iBeat now.

How did people use to solve these problems PRE search engine??? Must take forever on mailing list or snailmail author for giggles?

Update 1: Okay… maybe I spoke too soon. The moment iBeat ran once, system crashed. Super impressive as this is the SECOND time this happened. Previously with a superstable CentOS. Now with Ubuntu. Something feels odd. Don’t tried the crossed out fix until you got a VM snapshot or the like up. This is getting personal 😛 I reinstalled Ubuntu, snappedshotted this to hell and going to do SCIECNE on ibeat so hard until it works.

Update 2: Retried that patch method… seeing if Ubuntu terminal dies.

Update 3: Nope. Ubuntu is still alive and kicking THIS time. Hmmm… then this weird death of both a VM and my old laptop must just be a freaky coincidence then. I did install Anaconda last time prior to this… wondering if they are related… But either way, VM snapshots all the time now.