Freaking… OSX and its subtle security feature

So… Be me. Tried to install VirtualBox on OSX High Sierra. Always fails. But it is installed. When run it, it says kernel and other stuff are not even installed. Wondering how this can happen.

So furious google ensured.

Then found this stackexchange thread… on this issue… and the causes are more bizarre.

Please review the following two posts to see the excellent problem descriptions:

TLDR: apparently, OSX DELIBERATELY HIDES the “Allow” button (or Windows UAC equivalent? XD) WHEN there is a mouse sharing program running PREVENTING you from allowing installation and elevate permissions etc. Neat security bulletproofing but at the cost of user convenience with ZERO warning WHATSOEVER. I had ShareMouse running and maybe even TeamViewer, closed both of them and the “Allow” from the Security and Privacy section worked and VirtualBox installed fine. What.The.Hell…