CentOS, phpMyAdmin Fun

That actually turned out not TOO too painful but still annoying.

I hate doing anything web if the error is so ambigious… like… access denied… but WHY? FUCKING WHY??????

So followed this article:

How to Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on CentOS 7

Not too bad. Got it working.

However, then had to make sure apache has access to all of the phpmyadmin so had to chown for all that.

chown -R apache:apache somethingsomething like that.

Then had to change the permission in phpmyadmin.conf to ensure permission is open.

Then because it is behind proxy, you got add this: https://coderwall.com/p/ev5mza/solve-phpmyadmin-path-problems-behind-apache-proxy

Lastly, I still did not configure it properly and had to call the index.php instead. =_=

At least, 3 hours of adventure later, it is somewhat working. Adding more stuff ot the security audit list.



Also something I learned along the fun. sudo -i to enter directory that I don’t have permission but if I have sudo to enter… sigh. i probably broken like a gazillion security rules etc but hey, whatever get the project moving forward…