FINALLY fixed my Spectre x360 wifi issue.

I FINALLY solved the issue with my HP Spectre x360 wifi range issue!

Intel Dual Band  Wireless-AC7265 is working but my signal range is usualy about 10m open air and I have been like…. WTF?

I even already bought a second USB internet adapter just to fix this problem.

Today I saw on Andy’s guide about how to tighten the hinge (which I noticed the moment I bought this computer… but I always thought it was by design!

GUESS what I found?

One wire from the wireless adapter was loose NO WONDER I ran into issue with Wifi range. HELL YEAH. Literally took me a year to open up the PC and find the problem.

Seriously man… like… WHY?

I hope if you are using HP Spextre x360 and ever ran into similar issue, you will open your case up (T5) and tighten the hinges and make sure 50% of your wifi signal is coming through XD.
Notice that little fucker pointing it’s finger at you near the chrome hinge on the left? Yeah…. Left one is not connected!

Loose hinge might be the first cause of why wire is loose in the first place! Pretty sure it is a design flaw. 

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