Just a cautionary tale for those using IE8/9 and Word/Excel/PPT

Do yourself a favor and do not try to OPEN word document attachment and try to edit it.

Because if word quits on you, it is a MEGA pain to find that file.

Obviously, people have lost word files that way.


Because IE actually keeps multiple temporary file folders. Not sure which is for what but they are all random names. under ContentIE5.0 folder under the temporary file folder.
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\

So, your file could be ANYWHERE under temporary file folder. Worst case, you also cannot search for it because these are hidden by system default… and search engine will not find it…

So, what can you do?

Well, you have to go to the IE5.0 folder and UNHIND all those bizarrely named folder and look through them. to dig out your bizarre files. You must set two options in Windows Explorer in order to see the folders: Select “Show hidden files and folders” and deselect “hide protected operating system files”. Then try search again… I still recommend doing manual search sorted by time or file name…

Why IE think temporary internet files (like the doc you lost) as the protected operating system files? I have ZERO clue aside from regularly recommend you to use chrome/firefox or safari. Consider yourself warned.