X: Rebirth

So, after some times with X: Rebirth, I can tell you more about how I feel of the whole game.

I am currently at the level where the station building needs to be completed.

I think there is enough bitching about this game just in about all sources, but seldom few actually tried to appraise it for its strength, audacity, boldness etc.

So here are what are think are some brilliant points of this new game.

TURBO and the removal of SETA. I refuse to call it BOOST because DAMN, this feature is sizzling hot. You know the problem with old X? The space is too big. Why? because they are actually big and mostly empty. X3 and earlier series capture that points pretty well. It takes freaking forever to fly from one station to the next EVEN with Springblossom tuned and Boost Mk1 at 700 m/s. Imagine trying to fly a M1/2/3/6/7/8 at lower than 150? Good luck. That the thing turned me off like MAD! My first docking in X3 took about 20 minutes in non-SETA time. Who in the right insane mind would want that? The only reason I got into X3TC is because I discovered how to use SETA, period. Now, SETA introduces its own problems and I am very happy it is gone. The new turbo system make you the fastest living being in those few precious seconds…. and allow you to chase down enemy trying to run away while also allowing you to keep an constant eye on shield resources to manage flight vs fight. It really makes the game faster to go from points to point and live without SETA (maybe in drones? or simply boost drone maximum speed for even better effect). This one change obliterated a WHOLE x3 genre…. and made combat fast pacing, escape possible (it would be better if they reintroduce the old saving mechanism even). I am much more willing to explore the world when I have fast ships.

Removal of collision damage. Although autopilot is gone (sad), the now lack of collision damage means you can pull off some crazy stunt with minor loss in shield. This enable some serious tactical capabilities useful for destroying components of ship.

Trade concept of matching buyer with selling point. Although I mourn the loss of UT/ST, the ability to manage any trading by any ship in any section in any region is GREAT. I longed for this type of command integration in X3AP/TC. However, at least not in vanilla.
Joystick autotargetting support. Although lacking in deadzone and detailed customization as in x3, it is actually not too bad. I like it when I tried it on my joystick. The combat and more importantly, SELECTION process is MUCH more straightforward for target. Rebirth has no targeting system in keys, period. It is a pain during mouse combat. But joystick and pad solved this problem with center targetting. In fact, I think the AIM AISSIT using Joystick is much more fun to play with.

Ship customization.the great thing about x3 is its multitude of ships you can roam around in. In XR you no longer have that luxury but they supplement that problem with the modifiable component of ships like engine, which can really modify the flying speed and manuvability of the ship for either dog fighter or speed etc.

Resource for building:. This is a welcoming change. Instead of having station pop up somewhere, it requires components to build iand that really take its time and through trading, which makes it very realistic from the economic perspective. Similarly, resource required for building ship actually result in resources drain in the station inventories means that the economy is actually flowing to produce these massive ships in the end and force the flow of economical goods, quite the improvement from X3 really. Once the game is fully patched and bug free, it will be one hell of a game.
Streamlined missile types: One problem I found with original X3 is the numerous missiles that I literally have to get to know personnaly… before knowing how to use them, first because they usually kill my ship first before my missile hit other ships. Second, too many missles that do not serve strong purposes. It results in many missiles not being used. Ships are not aligned by faction and results in too many overlaps and obviously, people go for easier to use ships and the correpsonding missiles. The simplification is welcome in that sense and made sure dog fight is piece of cake with the right missile.

Streamlined boarding. Boarding was a bitch. Especially when you were doing space walk type… holy crap… that is shittiyly implemented and magical in its mysterious sense. The boarding pod approach is much better. However, without disabled guns, it becomes a nightmare with losing pods etc…. Rebirth really drastically simplified the entire process. Once you get rid of most guns, boarding is really straightforward.

1st Person component. I really think it opens up a whole new world of possibilitise. Sure, the acting is bad, the model is hag, the dialogue is shallow… however, all these can be eventually slowly fixed. Once , they are, the future expansion can really opens up mass effect style stories and open up the RPG element or even FPS elements into the game if the engine allows it. If Rebirth can incorporate mass effect game play (even a small fraction) into rebirth, it would be a genre redefining game. One can only dream. At this point, the game still needs to exist beta first.

Random looting in space. This certainly opens up some very interesting possibilites. Especially allowing player to gain enough capital to really start the game. Too bad (so far) no quest seems to have utilized this system.

Weapon optimization. Another welcoming changes. Sure, the reduction of weapons seems to bring reduced depth, however, too many weapons are similar in X3. The repetition then just became another stats battle and personal preferences… In rebirth, each weapon serves its own purpose and switching between weapons really forces you to know each weapons intimiately but might be a bit OP in my opinion.

Visual and choice of modeling. Absolutely, the visual revolution of XRebirth is remarkable. Not only are plantes/moons fully modeled out, the entire SPACE is flyable.. meaning you can literally fly from ONE jump gate across multilple zones to the next gate… (in fact, that is what you see the capital ships do, using super boosters). DeVery was absolutely stunning. The highway seems to be flying INTO the sun and it just stun me to no end… A fully modeled out system would have to limit the construction area and I understand the limitation from practicality perspective. Try fly to a moon for a day or so and see everything for yourself…