X Rebirth Live Blog…

Just barely two hours into it.

Some quick feelings so far:

    no skip dilagues…
    Acting is SHALLOW… by shallow.. I mean… OMG kill me now. Can I kill all the humans? Annoying.
    Dialogue/rotating dial choices hard to spot amist background
    Thank you at every conversation will drive you insane. I need to turn off dialogue volume.
    No auto pilot.
    The “shutt up betty” line quote get old really quick.

    I miss the old selection/targetting for selecting and viewing object
    No more instant death running into stuff.
    Trading system not very intutive
    No single key call up specific systm, takes a series of key stroke
    The enter exit cockpit animation gets old really quick
    Aged, dated texture.
    This turning head to look at screen is really realistic but get old really quicke.
    Most station interior looks the same.
    Missing the quicke two key stroke dock
    Beattiful world
    Cannot tell which part of the station has been scan and which part has not. (got it… nice space station scan mode)
    cannot access command queue to check what the ship is currentyl doing?
    Why my staff keep squatting when I talk to theM?

    WHere do these small round cube items come from LOL?

    cannot find unit easily on map.
    really should have a key to dricetly target/select closet neightbor ship
    What the hell is wrong with the too many planned trip issue in X:Rebirth? WHere is the queue anyway?

Some other comments, cockpit too big. Icons too small to click. Seems no target based ,but more proximity based.