The Impact of WordPress CMS on Blogging…

You know, one of reason why I stopped blogging was because

a) I was too lazy (let’s be honest here).
b) There was no mobile publishing back then (remember, I used to blog on MSN Space….), and this was before the era of iPhone and data plans and the best I got close to mobile publishing was Gmail blog writing.
c) It was UGLY and require crapload of modification just to make the site look some what okay. (Me being a Flash user, HTML editor still does not quite make that cut…)

now, because of a recent job with a client who required some help with wordpress (guess where I have been hiding under for the past decade…), that’s when I started playing with wordpress. Actually, I started with wordpress setup long ago I think back in the 2.1 days or some version like that but never got beyond the basic setups because I did not see WordPress as a CMS but more as a blogging tool instead. With recent plays into WordPress, I really discovered its utility and power as a CMS and ability to organize things.

Sadly I signed up my client into (instead of packages….) well, that is another stories for another day until this stint is fully done.

Anyway, back to WordPress…. so far I have not bothered play with any advanced plugins. Like the cach plugins (which seems more difficult to setup than necessary…).

So the reason I have migrated over to WordPress is mainly summarized in the following points:

1) Mobile publishing: android and ipad support really helps. Mainly ipads though. Since I got the hardware keyboard, the tying experience has been wonderful to help ease the boredome and cut down my incessant blog reddit browsing habbits.
2) Ease to manage navigational links. I am not sure many people really appreciates this as much as I do. The mouse over animation of the past days in HTML coding is both crazy tedious work and super stupidly unnecessary. Not only do you have to actually prepare the picture for UI elements on the website in photoshop in advances, the javascript is not fun to tangle with… I still remember the hours I put into that website just to check the consistency of the navigational links for the pages…. (for an example , check my old website
3) Theme/Skin: most people do not appreciate this nearly enough but the content layout separateion of Web 2.0 is truly amazin
g. Remember, when I started in webdesign, I used tables…. and photoshop… or photoshop exported tables for layout. Good luck with that… whenever you want a new skin…. the workload is around one to two weeks.
4) visibility: You know, with me, as a graphical background (technicalyl, I have no background in anything…I steal and modify in a true pirate style :P), I never bothered much with SEO. Even now, I know nothing about SEO. I know how to insert google site tag and that’s about it. Really… With CMS, SEO is a breeze… no picture goes without tag or caption….

Well, my ride is almost coming to an end… until next time.